Thursday 27 April 2017

Spring Update

I haven't updated this blog since January. What's my excuse? Mostly I've been hard at work on my new book, which has not left much time for anything else.

A good chunk of my blog posts are about places I've visited (I often use them as inspiration for locations in my books). It's not quite so much fun to visit a ruined castle in the middle of winter - atmospheric, but very cold!

Now Spring is here, I've been revisiting some old favourites. So, no new blog posts - but plenty of photos!

Bodnant Garden

Bodnant is at its best during spring, when the azaleas are out, and I've visited twice this month.

Gwydir Castle

I've already blogged about Gwydir Castle too, but here are some photos from my most recent visit. It was a bit of a gloomy day but we did receive a warm welcome from the residents!


Now I have a new smart phone, I'm more active on Instagram. You can see more of the places I've visited, as well as the books I'm reading, (and gratuitous photos of cake!) here.

Book Blog

And if you want to know what books I'm reading, check out my Instagram feed and my book blog.

Guest Blog Post

If you're a writer yourself, you might be interested in this guest post I wrote for Women Writers about creating characters:

New Book

And finally, the reason I'm not quite so active on my blog and social media, is that I'm hard at work on my new book. Trust Me I Lie has turned about to be just the first in a new series about Milla and Ben.

And I've made the mistake of entering into a word race with my friends Trisha Ashley and Juliet Greenwood. The last one to finish writing their new book buys the others a cream tea! And at the moment I'm the one that's losing!

So I'll see you later!

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