Wednesday 5 February 2014

Here Comes Summer

I always seem to end up writing summer stories in the most appalling weather. My story for the original Sunlounger anthology was written in a snowstorm, with me bundled up in at least 3 sweaters. I wrote the one for Sunlounger 2 in a terrific electrical storm, with thunder crashing overhead and the power going off and on every few minutes. Perfect inspiration for horror, but romantic comedy? Not so much!

Each time Belinda Jones asked me to contribute to her brilliant Sunlounger anthologies I thought, "Great, I'll write a steamy romance set on a beach" but it never quite worked out that way. The Indecent Proposal was set in Sorrento (Italy) which, although gorgeous, doesn't have much of a beach. Instead it has huge old hotels set right into the cliffs and elevators down to jetties where the guests can sunbathe or swim. My second story, The Accidental Proposal, isn't set on a beach either but in New Orleans, a city which has always fascinated me. I did so much research for that story - but all my characters wanted to do was go on a bar crawl.

That's the last time I take them on a free holiday!

Sorrento, Italy

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