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O Christmas Tree (My festive traditions)

Guest Post: Heidi Swain: Feeling Festive in Nightingale Square

New Book Coming Soon (You Make It Feel Like Christmas)

What I Did During Lockdown

How I Found the 'Write' Inspiration

Speke Hall, Liverpool

A Visit to Llanwrst (or, the Missing Prince and the Empty Coffin)

How to Declutter Your Books (without running for the hills)

A Very Marley Christmas (2017)

Newstead Abbey: Lord Behaving Badly

Erddig: Where Time Stands Still

When in Paris (Again!)

Gladstone's Library, Hawarden

The Italian Blog (or, what I did on my holidays)

Spring Update (2017)

When in Paris

Happy New Year! (2017)

Once More Unto the Bookstore (or, how I accidentally started a book blog)

Summer Update (2016)

How to Write a Guest Blog Post

8 Tips for Writing in Cafés

Five Random Things on my Desk - the clue is in the title!

Trust Me I Lie - Or the true confessions of a writer on social media

New Book: Trust Me I Lie

Writing: Getting to Grips with Wattpad

A Walk on the Not So Wild Side - In which I visit Bodnant Garden

I Need a Hero - The kind of heroes I love to write

A Walk on the Wild Side & The Lonely Knight - In which I explore Betws-y-Coed

Characters: What's in a name? - In which I talk about how I find names for my characters

December Update - A round up of my guest blog posts

How Grandma Invented My Family Christmas

November Update - A round up of my guest blog posts

How I Write - How I learned to be a planner rather than a pantser

Last Orders - Inspiration for the pubs in my stories

Walking the Walls of Conwy - And I still find myself in a coffee shop

Castles, Ghosts ... and Knights in Murky Armour - In which I visit Rhuddlan Castle and learn about a ghost who might not be all they seem

I Need a Heroine - In which I talk about how I create my heroines

Castles and Cream Teas - Or, what I did on my holidays (part 2)

Ten Authors Who Influenced Me  - Or, you are what you read

A Writer's Holiday In which I finally learn to relax

A Tale of Two Heroes The Sinking of the Royal Charter

The One About Forrest In which I find new ways to procrastinate - watching the birds in my garden

How I Create Characters How I create characters, right from the very first idea

Tales of Smugglers and ... Seaweed? The inspiration behind Breathless

Dear Diary - One of my favourite ways to include backstory. I've used diaries/journals in Nemesis, Something Wicked and Breathless

More Ramblings About Tombs - Last summer's walk around a Neolithic burial chamber

A Girl's Best Friend How I became a writer and the inspiration behind the first novel I wrote.

Alice's Adventures in ... Llandudno? The story behind some very  mysterious statues

Books Which Romanced Me - My recommended reads for Valentine's Day

Music: Wings to the Mind - How music inspires and influences my writing

Beyond the Bridge - Combining research with coffee shops - and the location to Something Wicked

Let It Snow - Why I love snow - and the inspiration behind Something Wicked

A Grave Obsession - Why I love churchyards

A Room of One's Own – How essential is it for a writer to have a room of their own?

New Covers!Breathless and Nemesis are re-launched with new covers

Five Books Which Chilled Me – My recommended reads for Halloween

Something Wicked – My new book, coming soon!

A Moving Experience – In which I move house, again

Keeping It (Un)real – Why the best part of being a writer is making stuff up

Five Books Which Influenced Me – Five books which influenced me as a writer

It was a dark and stormy night – Did you know that much quoted cliché came from a real book?

Writers Write (or, What I Really Do All Day) – More than you might think!

Seeking Inspiration – From graveyards, fairy tales and … er, cake

Getting Noted – My notebook obsession

In Search of the Imperfect Hero - Inspiration for the heroes of my 'Proposal' stories

My Writing Process – How I work

Things That Go Bump ... – My real-life ghostly experiences

Ten (Slightly Random) Ways to Choose a Book – The best way to find a new book to read