Monday 5 September 2016

Summer Update

September already? Well, I hope you had a lovely summer! Here's what I've been up to ...   

Book Launch for Trust Me I Lie

My latest novel, Trust Me I Lie, came out at the end of June - and a huge thank you to everyone who bought it. I celebrated with Novelistas Ink in the usual way ...

There are more photos on the Novelistas' News Page.

And you can read an extract from Trust Me I Lie either on my website or on Wattpad.

Guest Blog Posts

Being Anne: The Enduring Appeal of Fairy Tales

My Reading Corner: Creating an 'Unlikeable' Heroine

Author Interviews

Becca's Books: Do I base my characters on anyone I know? Are there any particular themes I like to use? How do I choose my settings?

With Love For Books: Which of my own personal experiences end up in my book? If I could choose to be one of my characters, which one would I be? Where do my stories come from?

Simona's Corner of Dreams: What was the inspiration behind Trust Me I Lie? Did I always dream of being a writer? Which books have influenced my life most?

Upcoming Promotion

Finally, I'll be running a price promotion to celebrate my birthday at the end of September. Keep a look out for A Girl's Best Friend, which will be FREE to download from 20th September to the 24th, inclusive. All details/links here:

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Trust Me I Lie book launch: Cheryl Lang and Juliet Greenwood
Little Red Riding Hood: Fotolia

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