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October 2020

You Make it Feel Like Christmas

Television presenter Agatha Holly has made a fortune telling the public how to have the perfect Christmas. Her show has been screened every December for twenty years and her entire family are involved, including her daughter Beth—the unwilling star of a thousand memes and gifs.

But Beth has finally had enough of public ridicule. All she’s ever wanted is a traditional family Christmas. If she can’t persuade her family to change, should she consider celebrating Christmas without them?

Autumn 2021...

Trust in Me (Raven's Edge #2)

The village of Raven’s Edge is famous for its folk tales of witches turning into ravens and a ghostly highwayman seeking revenge. As the nights draw in, and autumn mists curl along the medieval high street, a stranger is found murdered.

And Lorcan Black wakes up on the tomb of that 18th century highwayman, covered in the stranger’s blood.

Lorcan swears he can remember nothing of the previous night but evidence is mounting to the contrary. There’s only one person who might be able to give him an alibi – ex-girlfriend Milla Graham.

Except she’s now living with the detective who just arrested him…