Thursday 28 November 2013

Why I Love My Kindle

I can buy a book any time, any place, anywhere

Provided I have an Internet connection.

No arguments about how many books I'm allowed to take on holiday

Now we argue about how many chargers to take instead.

I can buy an author's entire backlist

Without having to resort to tracking down second-hand copies online, which arrive smelling of cigarette smoke, and with 'interesting' stains that I sincerely hope is only coffee.

I can pre-order a book and forget about it

And it feels like Christmas when it pops up on my Kindle on the day of publication.

I'm never without a book

An entire library of them, in fact

They're virtually hands-free

I can eat something sticky and very bad for me and read at the same time. Responding to voice commands would make it utterly perfect. 'Turn page' would be useful, 'skip boring bit' even more so.

Which brings me to

Things I Don't Love

Going on a long journey means I don't just shove my Kindle in my bag, I have to remember to shove my charger in there too.

Nodding off with a paperback doesn't hurt quite so much as nodding off with a Kindle - and dropping it on my nose.

I can no longer get my book signed by my favourite author. Yes, I know I can have it done electronically, but it's not the same.

Despite this, I still love my Kindle and I wouldn't be without it, especially when stuck in a doctor's waiting room or on a long car journey. I read about two books a week and have discovered lots of new authors. Now I rarely read anything other than ebooks - despite the risk to my nose.

So, how about you? Ebooks or 'proper' books, which do you prefer?

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  1. Kingle!!!! I opened mine yesterday and saw a book that I had pre ordered months ago I was so happy it was quite sad. But I read it in one go last night.

    1. Sometimes I pre-order a favourite author's book months in advance - it's such a treat to open my Kindle and see it sitting there

  2. Errr. That should be kindle of course!

  3. Both. I love my Kindle. (I can use the same charger for the kindles, my phone and DH's phone, so only ever take one). I have been known to go buy a print copy of a book if I read it on Kindle and thought it was a keeper.
    Love your pTerry autograph. I have a signed copy of Wyrd Sisters. Sigh.

    1. Unfortunately everything we have requires different chargers! I have just bought a book this morning, which I already have on ebook, because I enjoyed it so much - and I worry about Amazon going bust and losing all my books! I have two books signed by Terry Pratchett, as he was a particular hero of mine, but this is the only one where he drew a picture too. I loved Wyrd Sisters!

      Thanks for commenting!