Monday 8 September 2014

A Moving Experience

For those of you who follow me here or on the various social networks, you may have noticed that I've gone a bit quiet. This is because I'm in the middle of moving house. It's been seven years since our last move and our children are now teenagers, which means there is a lot of clearing out going on. Now the kids have done their bit, clearing out their bedrooms, my husband has unfortunately turned his attention to my study or, as he calls it, The Hoarder's Cave.

Sorting through my collection of DVDs and CDs wasn't too traumatic. A lot of the music we buy is now digital, and stored on a cloud somewhere. Then there were the books. I have boxes of books everywhere. In the attic, in the garage, in my study - even in the kitchen. Seriously, I have three boxes of books in the kitchen that have been there for so long no one actually notices them anymore. Our previous house had a room with an entire wall of shelving. In this house, the books live in boxes and, as it turned out, some of those boxes were still sealed from the last move - which my husband took as proof that a clear out was long overdue.

My husband has a bit of a hate-hate relationship with my book collection. He understands that I love books, he's not quite so sure why I need so many of them. In fact, he bought me my first Kindle and I'm starting to see why - all my ebooks are stored on a fluffy cloud right next to my digital music. Unless Amazon go bust they won't have to be moved anywhere - something the removal men are probably grateful for too.

My job over the weekend was to sort through three boxes of books and turn them into two. Well, I sorted through the three boxes but only found four books I was willing to part with. And then my daughter spotted one she liked in the charity bag, muttered "I can't believe you're getting rid of this one" and promptly went off with it. Fortunately my husband was distracted by finding two more boxes of books we'd both forgotten about.

So, although I've gone quiet I've not gone away. In a month's time, I'll be in a new study, in a new house and hopefully will have finished writing a new book.

But I'll still be the same old me.

(With the same old collection of books ... )

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I also hoard collect stationery and mugs ...


  1. Good luck! As someone who moved house three times in two years you have my deepest sympathy.
    You also have a husband like mine who just doesn't understand the necessity for so many books.
    Just don't make the same mistake I did and box up all your favourites, only for them to be accidentally taken to the charity shop.
    A year on and I'm still grieving...x

  2. Oh that's terrible, Sharon! I really feel for you! I do sometimes wonder where my ebooks would go, if anything happened to Amazon!

    (And we still haven't found our towels and bedsheets!)